Mr. O’Donnell has over 25-years’ experience in operations and training for the US Army, US Marine Corps active duty, as a Department of Defense Contractor, Private Sector Security, and The War Crimes Tribunal of former Yugoslavia. His expertise stems from operations, investigations, training, and advisory roles in the United States, European Union, and the Middle East. He has worked jointly with the federal agencies of the FBI, ATF, DHS, and US Secret Services as well as state and local law enforcement entities.

CEO/Sr. Partner

Mark R. Milliken is the CEO of GunTrain Consulting Inc. specializing in domestic and international maritime domain awareness, unmanned systems and port, anchorage, and harbor security. He is a senior partner and consultant for McCoy Group and a senior consultant for 473 Group.

Mr. Milliken holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy and has completed numerous executive business courses. He has lectured at the Naval Post Graduate School, Naval War College, and Georgetown/George Washington Law and MBA programs. In addition, he was a regular lecturer at the Defense Security and Cooperation Agency’s (DSCA) program of instruction on International Cooperation at Wright-Patterson AFB and Fort Belvoir. Mark retired from the US Navy in 2006 as a Rear Admiral after over 30 years of naval and joint duty. He has over 4,000 hours as a military naval flight officer in numerous aircraft.